BDS, since 1990, has initiated important activities to

  • Ensure justice, medication and education for survival communities of Silicosis, Silico-Tuberculosis affected workers and their dependents in Mahabubnagar district. 
  • To improve nutritional status of the silicosis affected through production& consumption of Spirulina.
  • To treat domestic animals with local available materials by training local persons. 
  • To familiarize use of bio pesticides & vemi wash and vermicompost among the farmers in the Farooq nagar Mandal Mahabubnagar district.   
  • Improve access to safe drinking water and prevent frequent outbreaks of gastro enteritis in agency areas of Adilabad district.
  • Expedite clearance of drinking water schemes to supply potable water to fluoride affected areas of Nalgonda district erstwhile(e/w) AP.
  • Force timely implementation of free surgeries to heart ailments among children in e/w AP.
  • Ensure augmentation of drinking water supply to twin cities of Hyd& Secbad from River Krishna a scheme pending since 1973 and ensure water from R. Manjira to lands under Ghanpur & NSR Ayacut in Medak and Nizamabad districts of e/w AP.
  • To utilise River waters for the improvement of standard of living of the people living in the perennial drought prone areas of the state.
  • Sensitize elected representatives on the irregularities in the power sector for ensuring a fair deal to the dry land farmers and electricity consumers.
  • High light the failure of BT cotton crop in 2003 on behalf of TNRMG through print and electronic media and public hearing. 
  • To prevent the closure of IPM's Anti Rabies Vaccine manufacturing unit by the govt. of e/w AP.
  • To prevent natural disaster i.e. breaching of Hussain Sagar earthen bund with the construction of Telugu Talli flyover. 
  • To protect Chenchu tribe from chronic malnourishment, communicable diseases and forced relocation by Forest& Tribal welfare departments. 
  • To provide training to Chenchu youth and women on sustainable methods of extraction and collection of minor forest produce, promote kitchen gardening, income generation activities, and treat Chenchus for common ailments and to shift critically ill to the specialty hospitals.  Mobilize Chenchu community to fight against corruption in development programmes, schools and hostels in Chenchu area.
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