Chenchu Community

BDS  initiated activities  to protect the Chenchu a Primitive Tribal Group(PTG) of Nallamalla Areas of AP in general and Chenchus of Prakasham dist in particular from chronic malnourishment, communicable diseases and forced relocation by Forest Department. Provided training to Chenchu youth and women on sustainable methods of extraction and collection of minor forest produce and leaf plate making. Promoted kitchen gardening, income generation activities, facilitated recruitment of Chenchu youth as teachers,  establishment of Angan Wadi Centers, repairs to the houses& hostels and pensions to the old aged and physically challenged through ITDA and the other line departments. Treated Chenchus and domestic animals for common ailments and also shifted critically ill to the specialty hospitals. BDS also, highlighted a few instances of corruption in the implementation of development programmes, improper functioning of Schools, high incidence of Scabies and harassment of Chenchus by the Officials of the Police department through media and personal meetings. Empowered the Chenchu community on Wide range of issues like combing operations by the Police, resettlement and Rehabilitation, the scheduled tribes and other traditional forest dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Bill 2006, housing, land allotment & development, forest produce procurement, access of health services, drinking water, education, electrification of Gudems& energisation of pump sets, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, immunization & Institutional deliveries, Vegetable cultivation & consumption   and rampant corruption. 

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