Impact of BDS

Impact of BDS’ work on the Chenchu Community:  Awareness has been generated and it is slowly spreading among the Chenchus of Prakasham District. Lethargy and disinterestedness in their own welfare which was clearly visible when BDS initiated the programme in the project area is slowly getting eroded. Now Chenchus are trying to take small steps like growing vegetables on their own, making some money out of extracting gum and honey through improved techniques. The attitudinal change among the Chenchu community to seek services at the PHC’s and the    availability of nutritious food, immunisation and medical services at the habitations and PHC’s has drastically reduced the child and maternal deaths and also increased institutional deliveries in the Chenchu habitations of Dornala Mandal Prakasham district.  The recent decision (BDS was pressing for decentralization of powers of P.O ITDA Srisailam) of bringing ashram Patashalas under the direct supervision of District Tribal Officer has brought some positive changes in the functioning of residential schools i.e. children present in the schools are being provided with good food & the community leaders are also insisting for the provision of good food to children instead of accepting bribes from the authorities in the form of rice, dhal and oils.

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