Leaf Plates

Madapaku leaves which are used in making leaf plates are available in plenty in Nallamala forest areas of Andhra Pradesh. Chenchu women from a few habitations pluck these leaves and sell them at Dornala and other places. Women from other communities pluck and also (some women) buy Madapaku leaves and weave leaf plates and sell them to the buyers for a reasonable price. All the non Chenchu women numbering  around 500 are earning reasonable income from this activity and where as the Chenchu community which has a right to NTFP is still living under abject poverty due to meager earnings.

Banjara Development Society has discussed all the problems related to leaf plate weaving and  evolved a strategy to train the Chenchu women till they attain proficiency.  The Organization is also ensuring the Chenchu women taking up of leaf plate weaving after the training is completed. 377 Women from 8 villages are trained in leaf plate weaving.  Women from enroute habitations to Srisailam  started weaving leaf plates and selling to pilgrims. 



Chenchu women weaving leaf plates at Korraprolu in Prakasham district. The Hindu 17-Aug-07.